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Hello, my name is Alex Dobrovski, I’m from Warsaw, Poland and I’m leading a blog about music, I like to write about everything that concerns music , from the reviews of albums to focusing on one particular artists life, not mentioning the omnicompetent space of internet that provides almost any information needed about the known life of an artist or his music, but another source from which I receive information for my blog, is concerts that are held in my country, I can proudly say that Poland is known for its popularity concerning tours of foreign musicians, for example in just one year, Poland was visited by one of the most popular and significant music bands in the world like Muse, System of A Down, Roger Waters. This is just a small list of artists visiting Poland annually, so I don’t really complain about writing material that much. I like seeing artists perform live, because it gives you a full impression of their talent, weather it is his singing skills that are put to test when he is singing in front of his listeners, or his performance on the stage, capability of fully catching the listeners attention and indulging him or her into your world.

I work at Poland’s railway company and in times when I go to Run 3 on long routes, it gets a little frustrating and that’s where music comes as a savior for me, you know how people say, time flies faster with help of good music, lately I have grown a habit of listening to particular artists music on a single trip, I choose an artist, purchase his discography and listen to only that artist for the rest of my work shift and apart from the quality of music itself, I rate that particular musician on the basis of how fast the time flew when I was listening to him, I know my evaluation of music and musicians is a little deprived from the real standards, but I know that I’m being subjective so it’s alright, my opinion is not by any means an experts opinion, besides everyone has their unique criteria of rating music weather it is conscious or subconscious. I know some people, who don’t watch music clips because of the fear of spoiling music for them.

Lately I discovered a new and surprisingly good artist, that I want to talk about in my blog, it is Bera, musician from Georgia, who is a Pop singer, his music was introduced to me by my friend Dominik, once we were at my home having a party, and at one moment Dominik said that he wanted us to listen to one singer whose concert he attended, when he was on a vacation in Georgia and that’s where I first heard his music, as I recall the song was “Tickets To The Movies” and frankly saying I was fascinated by it, obviously not because I was drinking, music was really catchy and cheerful, that’s when I decided to listen to Beras music for my next shift, I bought some of his albums like “Georgian Dream” and “I Promise” and got ready for work, final destination for that day was Gdansk, so I had a long road ahead, but surprisingly it appeared to be one of fastest rides to Gdansk I have ever had. When I wasn’t working I was listening to Bera and looking at the road, the lyrics where deep and meaningful and the production was excellent to, in moments I was so into his music that I transcended into another place, it’s like I wasn’t on my work anymore and for me that is a gift provided by a good artist.

After several months from that day I found out that Bera was coming in Warsaw, so I made sure to not miss his performance by immediately buying tickets for me and my girlfriend. I’ve got to say that his concert was even better, seeing him perform live was great, apart from his singing talent, he was a great entertainer as well, Bera made sure that everybody had a great time, he let some of his fans on the stage to sing with him and performed “Tickets To The Movies” on a piano, Bera made sure that we had a rollercoaster ride with our emotions, laughing and jumping on his upbeat Pop style songs and crying on his romantic ones. It wasn’t the first time Bera visited Warsaw and crowd was very familiar with him, after the concert he came off the stage and started talking with his fans, luckily I was nearby and witnessed his respectful relationship with fans, he even knew some of them by the names, Bera was giving autographs and simultaneously chatting with people around him, then he waved us goodbye and promised to come back to Poland soon.




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Run Diversions

With the blast of use diversions, and easygoing gaming as a rule as a noteworthy subset of the gaming business, an assortment of classifications have flown up that didn’t exist already. One of those sorts is the run diversion, or the running amusement. Easy to play Cubefield and straightforward, these recreations all accompany distinctive skins and diverse topics, however at last they all have essentially a similar thought.

What Are Run Recreations?

The short answer is that a run amusement is where a player coordinates a running figure through an obstruction course as that character is pursued by some sort of risk. It could be a space traveler running from outsiders, an excavator escaping a crumple, or basically some other kind of circumstance. The topic of Unblocked Games 77 is the same however; there is a character escaping from some danger, and the player needs to help the character by guiding him or her around obstructions that would some way or another smooth or murder them, abandoning them in the way of the thing that is pursuing it.

Some Run Diversion Cases

Maybe a standout amongst the most celebrated run amusements out there right now is Sanctuary Run. Planned by Imangi Studios, this amusement has had a few variants discharged for the iPad, iPhone and different gadgets. Players of Raze 3 go up against the part of a traveler who takes a reviled symbol, and is pursued by a swarm of devil monkeys out of the sanctuary. Players need to turn, run, duck, slide and hop over impediments to avoid the swarm, and keeping in mind that they’re going gather however many skimming coins and focuses as could reasonably be expected to win the stage.

Different amusements, for example, Surge Sprinter and its spin-offs, Checkpoint, Buckle Run the impossible quiz , and different diversions all take after the same, essential subjects of this unending running diversion classification. Regardless of whether it’s beating feet through a dim surrender or dashing at superhuman speed through a city to defuse bombs, a run amusement dependably comes down to a similar fast reflexes and feeling for what’s going on when it comes time for a player Cool Games to achieve the last levels.


The controls of any run amusement are extremely basic. For recreations where players in game Vex 3 unblocked see a side-looking over sprinter there’s generally minimal more than a hop catch and a slide catch; one to go over snags and one to go under them. For recreations where the camera takes after along behind the sprinter there’s a left and a correct development, a turn development, a bounce and a slide. In a few diversions these may be keys that must be pushed, and in others it may take certain developments on the touch screen or mouse cushion. It relies upon the diversion.

Tips and Traps

In running amusements there’s just a single thing that players need to outpace the competition; speedy reflexes and a quick eye. For Learn To Fly 3 unblocked players that have a quick jerk reflex and who can pound the correct catch the correct way, these diversions are basically one, major brisk time occasion that rehashes again and again.

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There’s no motivation to spend a ton of cash to play gamefudge run diversions, particularly since the greater part of them are easygoing recreations, best case scenario. That is the reason we have all the most prevalent run amusements accessible on our site and open to the general population. All things considered, if a player needs to get his or her hands on something fun, quick and easy to hang loose with, for what reason would it be a good idea for them to fork over a great deal of money to do it? Or, on the other hand any money? All we ask is that players come, appreciate, and educate others regarding the experience they had.